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Make Highlight Videos with Ease!

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FyeTime - Innovative Highlight Video Maker

FyeTime automatically creates highlight videos of ONLY the highlight clips that you want. No more hassle of editing the dull parts after the game/action.

Use FyeTime to record athletes and others in live action. While recording, tap the highlight button whenever you see a highlight (special moment) that you want to capture. When finished recording, select your music and thumbnail, and FyeTime creates your mixtape (highlight video). FyeTime's patented algorithm automatically cuts out the dull parts of the footage, leaving you with just the highlights. Premium mixtapes display your selected title, stats and more.



FyeTime produces great quality film to help put you on the map! Share your mixtapes as much as possible because remember, you never know who’s watching. Send your mixtapes to family, friends, teammates, and most importantly, coaches and recruiters. FyeTime will help you get to the next level!

Auto Clipper

FyeTime automatically removes the dull parts of the film of the live game/event, giving you strictly the highlights. At the end of the game, the highlights are automatically combined to create the perfect mixtape.

Stats Collector

For each highlight, FyeTime captures the stat for basketball, football or soccer.

Music Mixer

Easily select a beat for the background music of your mixtape.

Cover Creator

For premium mixtapes, the mixtape cover displays your own title and, optionally, the athlete's photo, stats and game info.

How Fyetime Works


Quick Setup

Select your activity (basketball, football, soccer or other). If you want to collect stats in real time, change the stats switch to “yes.” If you leave it off, you can manually add stats after recording.


Highlight Button

While recording, tap the highlight button after a participant does something special, such as a score, dunk, tackle, steal, skateboard trick, etc. And don’t worry if you tap a little too late or a little too early. FyeTime takes care of that and still captures the special moment. 


Popup Stat

If you changed the stats switch to “yes,” the stat buttons will popup every time you tap the highlight button. Tap the appropriate stat button to collect the stats.


Tap "More"

Tap "More" to pause of exit the recording and create your mixtape. If you don’t want to create your mixtape right away, FyeTime saves the highlight clips in the Clips Library.


Mixtape Cover

If you create a premium mixtape, FyeTime lets you easily add premium content to the mixtape cover, such as your desired title, the athlete’s stats, name, jersey # and photo as well as the game score, team names, etc. FyeTime automatically adds this content to the first frame of the premium mixtape.



You can easily share the mixtapes via social media and can instantly download the MP4.



Via the slide-out menu, you can change the activity type, athlete information, and stats setting, and you can also fine-tune the timing settings of the auto clipper.



At the start, FyeTime provides you with enough free coins to make several premium mixtapes. You can also earn coins by sharing your mixtapes on social media, or completing our survey. If you run out of coins, you can buy more at the coins screen.

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